09 September 2008

Why do squares roll?

TJ asked "Why do squares roll?" this afternoon. It took me a moment to catch up with her thought process. She was asking about rolling dice. We've been playing Yahtzee.

We had a conversation about dice and marbles, rugs and wood tables. She has a great sense of the physical world. The marble would definitely roll farther than a die, and would definitely go farther on the floor because it is smooth.

But she's not satisfied with knowing these things. "I think we should do that in Princess Baking School for a science experiment."

Now where do I find some marbles?

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Hoainam said...

Target might actually sell marbles. You should start saving toilet paper and paper towel rolls to construct a marble raceway.

On a slightly related note, I only recently figured out the "square candies that look round" joke from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Have you guys read that book yet?