03 September 2008

Field Trip! On the second day of "school"

(I know that at some point I will get over following the school year calendar.)

For our second day of "official" homeschooling -- official if you follow the school calendar, but not really since learning is a lifestyle -- we went on a field trip. TJ has been asking to go back to the Air and Space Museum. I thought it was because she likes astronaut ice cream so much, but it turns out that she knows how to have a great time there!

Our first stop was "Explore the Universe." TJ wanted to find every hands-on experiment there, and clamored to go "explore the universe some more." Which, as Jennifer pointed out, is a pretty great thing to say at the start of her homeschool experience.

The "How Things Fly" exhibit was a hit. So was walking through the living area of an actual space ship, although the label "waste management" was too euphemistic for her. If they'd called it a potty, she might have tried to figure THAT out.

Also fun: the paper airplane competition, riding the escalator, and, yes, the astronaut ice cream.

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